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Connecting Yonomi and Amazon Alexa

Yonomi and Alexa make for a powerful combination.

Here's how to get connected: 

  • Open your your Alexa app, then go to the Smart Home section and search for the "Yonomi" skill.  Once you've found it tap the Enable button to start the connection process.
  • Next, provide your Yonomi credentials to complete the login process.

  • Once you've done that and linked the two, try running discovery on your Echo (Say "Alexa, find my devices").
  • Your Yonomi Routines show up as Devices in the Smart Home Devices list in the Smart Home section of the Alexa app.  Alternatively, you can tap the "Discover Devices" link at the bottom of the "Your Devices" list to run discovery.

  • We treat Alexa as another client for Yonomi, so there are no Triggers or Actions to add to your Yonomi Routines. You can run your Yonomi Routines by saying "Alexa, Turn on {Routine Name}". 
  • Any time you create a new Routine in Yonomi, or rename an existing one, make sure to re-run discovery on your Alexa device ("Alexa, find my devices") to sync your latest Yonomi Routines with Alexa.
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