Adding a Sonos Cloud Account | Yonomi

Adding a Sonos Cloud Account

Yonomi now supports connecting to your Sonos system via the Sonos Cloud.  The Sonos Cloud is a new way to control your Sonos devices over the internet without being directly on your local wifi network.

Previous Yonomi integrations have always depended on a mobile device being connected to the same wifi network as your Sonos speakers, so we're excited to be able to offer Sonos Cloud access which should result in a more reliable integration and better features in the long-term

You can connect a Sonos Cloud account by going to your Nav Drawer > Accounts & Hubs > Click the "+" button, then select "Sonos Cloud Account" in the list.  Then, login with your Sonos credentials to connect the account.

Your existing Sonos devices won't be affected, nor will any Routines that use them -- Yonomi will just start controlling those devices via the Cloud instead of locally of your wifi network.