Recently, Wink announced that they will be instituting a monthly subscription fee that will be mandatory to continue using your Wink Bridge and Wink App.

Per details on their official blog post about this change:

Should you choose not to sign up for a subscription you will no longer be able to access your Wink devices from the app, with voice control or through the API, and your automations will be disabled on May 20th. Your device connections, settings and automations can be reactivated if you decide to subscribe at a later date.

As Yonomi's integration with Wink leverages the Wink API, any Yonomi user who has their Wink account connected and hopes to continue to use their Wink system with Yonomi will need to subscribe.  This is a situation beyond Yonomi's control.

Their subscription fee is scheduled to go in to effect on May 20th.

Note that the consumer Yonomi App continues to be free and we have no future plans to ever require a subscription for Yonomi App access. 

Read more about Wink's announcement here.