Coming off a few announcements this week from Nest and Google, we wanted to share with our users some upcoming changes to our integration with Nest.

On May 7, 2019, Google announced that it is merging its Google Home and Nest brands under a new, single smart home brand—Google Nest. As part of this new era for Nest, Google also announced that it will be ending the Works With Nest program.

Works With Nest is the partner program that has allowed trusted third-party companies to connect your Nest thermostats, smoke detectors, cameras, and security sensors to their services. Since the Yonomi App launched in 2014, Yonomi has been a member of the Works With Nest program—using Nest’s APIs to sync your thermostats and smoke detectors to all the other devices in your home.

On August 31, 2019, Google will turn off the Works With Nest APIs.

We have not received any more information at this time about what the future holds for Google Nest customers wishing to integrate with services like Yonomi, but we will provide more updates before August 31, 2019 when our current Nest integration will be discontinued.  

In the meantime, we recommend you review this FAQ provided by Google about what this transition means for Google Nest customers.

Despite this move by Google and Nest, all of your other favorite devices will continue to work with Yonomi as they always have. You’ll also be seeing a series of exciting new device integrations being announced in the coming months. Consumers and most device makers continue to have plenty of enthusiasm for an open and agnostic smart home, and Yonomi remains committed to helping you bring your home to life.