Each phone or tablet device that has the Yonomi app installed and is signed in to the same Yonomi account is known as a "Client".


Having multiple Clients is useful since it will improve the likelihood of successfully relaying commands to your local devices. With multiple Clients, Yonomi will attempt to route commands through all of them to improve the chances of success.


To learn more about the difference between Local and Cloud devices, visit the article: What's the difference between a "local device" and a "cloud device"?


For Yonomi to be capable of reaching your local devices, our app runs in the background on one or more of your mobile devices (like your phone or tablet) — and relays messages to the local devices. We refer to this concept as the “virtual gateway”. While this enables Yonomi to talk to more great devices, the virtual gateway can only be successful if your mobile device is powered on and joined to the same Wifi network as your local devices.


If you wish to disable this behavior for a particular Client:

  • Go to the Settings Tab
  • Tap on Clients
  • Disable the "Use this device" option.

Be forewarned, turning off this option will prevent this device from relaying commands to local devices in your local network and Yonomi will have to use other Clients to relay those commands.