Recently, Philips Hue announced that they will be ending support for the Hue Bridge v1, and as a result, its compatibility with online services like Yonomi, Alexa, Google Home, and more will end. The Hue Bridge v1 will continue to work with your Hue lights, but with limited functionality:

  • A cloud connection will no longer be an option, and lights can only be controlled while you’re connected to your local network.
  • Control will not be available for any cloud-connected service like Yonomi.
  • You will no longer be able to use voice control with your Hue lights through Alexa or Google Home
  • Your v1 Hue Bridge will no longer receive software updates

Note that the v1 Bridge is shaped like a circle. If you have a v2 Hue Bridge (the square-shaped bridge) you are not impacted and no changes are necessary. If you have a v1 Bridge you will need to upgrade to a v2 Bridge to continue to use cloud services like Yonomi.

These changes will go into effect on April 30th.

 Read more about Philip Hue’s end of support policy here.