From the Voice Assistant panel, you can quickly redirect to the corresponding setup page for your Google Assistant. With this voice assistant synced to Yonomi, you can start running your existing Yonomi Routines from anywhere using your preferred voice commands. In the kitchen near your Google Home Hub? Say, “Hey Google, start Dinner Time,” to turn on the perfect cooking music.

Here’s how to get started with the Google Assistant and Yonomi:


  • Go to the Settings screen in your Yonomi App.
  • Click on Voice Assistants > Google Assistant to be taken to the Google Assistant app. (If you haven’t downloaded the Google Assistant app yet, do this now on the App Store or GooglePlay Store).
  • Tap Set Up next to the Yonomi logo on the screen.
  • A Home Control screen will show up. Add your smart devices by tapping the flashing + icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • A long list of devices will appear. Enter your login information for each device to connect it to the Google Assistant.
  • After you’ve connected your devices, you can navigate to the Home Control screen to assign rooms to the devices via the Rooms tab.