Let's get your Sonos working with Alexa via Yonomi!

If you've already setup Yonomi and the app has discovered your Sonos devices, you should see them appear on Things tab and be able to click on a Sonos icon and then manually run actions like  Play/Pause, Play Favorite, and make announcements.

With Yonomi, you can create one or more Routines that contain your Sonos activities and then run these Routines with Alexa.  So for example, you could create a Routine called "My Jams" that runs the "Play Favorite" action.  When you create the Routine, just select the Sonos device or devices you want to include, then swipe through the actions until you find the "Play Favorite" action and select the Sonos Favorite you want to play.

To connect your Alexa account, the best way to do so is through the Alexa app.  Here are some steps:
  • Open your your Alexa app, then go to the Smart Home section and click the "Get More Smart Home Skills" button. Then look for the Yonomi skill and click enable and provide Yonomi credentials to login.
  • Once you've done that and linked the two, try running discovery on your Echo (Say "Alexa, find my devices", or from the Alexa app, click the "Find my devices" button below your Smart Home devices list) and see if your Yonomi Routines show up as Devices in the Smart Home Devices list in the Smart Home section of the Alexa app.

  • If they do, then you're all set. We treat Alexa as another client for Yonomi, so there are no Triggers or Actions to add to your Yonomi Routines. You can execute your Yonomi Routines by saying "Alexa, Turn on {Routine Name}".  
If you simply want to play or pause music or a radio station you have queued on your Sonos player you can use these commands: “Alexa, turn on <Sonos Player Name>” and “Alexa, turn off <Sonos Player Name>"
For more advanced control, create a Yonomi Routine that uses the "Play Favorite" command. We recommend you name the routine something memorable that avoids confusing Alexa into playing music on the Echo directly, like "Mellow" or "Chill Out".
With your Sonos devices and Alexa account set up, you should be able to execute a Sonos Routine via Alexa by saying something like, "Alexa, turn on Chill Out".

Remember, if you create a new routine or rename an existing one, make sure to sync your updates Routines with Alexa by saying “Alexa, discover my devices.”
We also have a couple of blog posts with some helpful tips & tricks that you can check out here.  There are some advanced features of the Yonomi + Alexa + Sonos integration that let you Play, Pause, and Set Volume of a speaker directly too without creating a Routine that you can read about here too.

* Tip: We suggest that you avoid using artist or genre names in your routines names since Alexa will almost certainly misinterpret that as a command to play her own music service over her own speaker.