With iOS 12 or later, Yonomi users can finally start using Siri to do all of the amazing things they already do with the Yonomi App. If you’re not able to reach for your phone or access your Apple Watch to start a Yonomi Routine, just have Siri do it.

Here is how to get started with Siri Shortcuts and Yonomi:


  • Go to the Settings screen in your Yonomi App.
  • Click on Voice Assistants > Siri Shortcuts to be taken to your iPhone’s settings.
  • From this screen, click Siri & Search.
  • Next, from the Siri & Search screen click on Shortcuts.
  • Click the ‘+’ icon next to any Yonomi Routine you want to add to Siri Shortcuts and record the voice command you would like to use to trigger the Yonomi Routine (e.g. “Run Bedtime Mode”).
  • You can also add Yonomi Routines to Siri Shortcuts directly from the Routine Preferences screen. Just open an existing Routine and tap the gear icon in the bottom right of the Routine details screen.