In some cases, your Harmony Activities may not be correctly imported from your Harmony Account in to Yonomi.  This can happen for a variety of reasons.

Here are some things to check:

  • Verify that your Harmony Hub is connected to your Logitech account. In some cases you may be controlling your Hub from the Harmony app directly over wifi instead of via a remote cloud connection which may explain why things aren't working from Yonomi or your PC app.

    Try disconnecting from your wifi network and then re-open the Harmony app and verify you can still control your Hub through your Logitech account cloud.
  • Check that your Harmony Hubs are powered on and connected to the Internet.  The Harmony API will query your Hubs directly for the latest Activities and if it can't reach them will not be able to send them on to Yonomi.
  • Make sure that your Harmony hub(s) have the latest firmware:
    • Open the Harmony app and tap on the hamburger menu
    • Tap Harmony Setup and then Sync
    • If an update is available it should start updating at that time
After that's done, try going back in to Yonomi and find your Logitech Account in the Accounts & Hubs page (under Settings in iOS, and under the Nav Drawer in Android).  Then click "Refresh devices" (iOS) or perform a "pull-to-refresh" action ont he Account page (Android) to refresh your Harmony account, hubs, and Activities.
You may also need to then return to the Things tab on the Dashboard and refresh your deviecs by doing another "pull-to-refresh" action in some cases to sync devices on Yonomi with the app.
Then, return to the Things tab and tap your Harmony icon and see if the activities now appear correctly.
If that doesn't work, try disconnecting & reconnecting the account one more time.
If you continue to have issues, they may be caused a configuration issue with your router.  Draytek routers specifically are understood to have issues. There's a great article that discussed how to attempt to resolve some of those issues here: