Unfortunately, it appears that our Sign Up page in our Android app does not scroll nicely on smaller screens and as a result the text-field to repeat your password is off the screen and cut-off.

We are working to get this addressed in the release of the Android app as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here are a couple of possible workarounds:

  1. Depending on your phone and your version of Android, you may be able to change the resolution of your screen display by going to Settings > Display > Advanced > Display Size.  From there, temporarily change your screen size from "Default" to the smallest possible setting.  Then, return to (or restart) the Yonomi app, and try signing up again and see if the second password text field is now visible.  If so, try signing up again.  Once done, you can return to Settings and change your screen size back.

  2. You may be able to use your Android keyboard to go to the next text-field without having to click on it.  Once you've filled out your name, email, and password (in the first password text field) -- instead of closing they keyboard, click the "next" button normal in the bottom-right of your keyboard.  This is blue with a white arrow on the standard Android keyboard.  You won't be able to see the text-field, but this should put your text cursor on the second password field.  Carefully repeat your password in this field, then close the keyboard and click the Done button.