One of the most exciting features of our new "Works with Sonos" integration is the ability to automatically create dynamic multi-zone Sonos Groups within Yonomi.

Sonos Groups let you group all of your Sonos Players across multiple rooms or zones together, and play the same music source to all of them simulatenously and in sync.

Creating and using Sonos Groups with Yonomi could not be simpler -- just follow these directions below.  Note that group support is only available for the new Sonos integration, and not the original Sonos integration.

  1. Yonomi can automatically group Sonos devices when you add them to a Routine -- there's no need to create a group first and there is no "Group" action on a Sonos Player.

  2. Instead, add all of the Sonos Players you want to Group in to a Routine and set them with a "Play Favorite" action.

  3. Set the same Favorite value for each Player you want to group together.  Yonomi will intelligently group Players with different combinations of Favorites.

  4. If desired, set up multiple Routines with different combinations of Players.  With multiple Routines and combinations of groups set up, you can automatically play music to different groups of speakers, and invoke them through the app, widget, or voice service.

Questions? Just let us know, we'll be happy to help.

Want more information about our updated Sonos integration? Take a look here: