Discover all of your favorite smart home apps and devices on the Yonomi app - including technology from Sonos, Logitech, Amazon Alexa, Google, LIFX, and many more. Our partner ecosystem represents the most popular and most trusted connected devices and on the market today. Let them play together through the Yonomi app to make every room in the home come to life.

Here’s how to discover devices on the app so you can start making routines in no time:


  • Navigate to the Things tab.
  • Run Discovery if you are adding devices for the first time, or refresh your current list of devices and accounts by tapping on the Things tab and pulling down until the spinning wheel appears.
  • Accounts and local devices will show up.
    • Accounts: any cloud integrations we have. Note: To control accounts, you can be anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to be on the same WiFi as the device.
    • Devices: other devices that you can communicate over a WiFi connection. Note: For these local devices, you have to use the same WiFi that those devices are connected to.
  • Go to the Accounts & Hubs page to see all of your existing cloud accounts.
    • On iOS go to Settings > Accounts & Hubs.
    • On Android tap on the hamburger icon in the top left to find Accounts & Hubs.
  • Tap the +' sign to add a new account.
  • Devices will connect automatically. If all devices are connected, you will see the message “no new devices found.”
  • If any devices are not automatically found, contact our support team.