When you first connect a third-party account, Yonomi takes in all of the names of the devices and sets them as the names of the devices inside the Yonomi app. However, we also provide the option to override the names in the Yonomi app, in case you want them to be named differently or if the third party doesn't allow you to change the name. In this scenario, we don't override the Yonomi names with the third party names, because you may have renamed them intentionally, and it would be frustrating to have that erased.
Instead, we track the third-party names separately so that you can keep track of both. To see a device's third-party name inside the Yonomi app, please navigate to the device via the Things page and click "Options" in the upper right. You should see a message saying "Yonomi discovered this device from <third-party name here>".
This way, you can choose how to name your devices in Yonomi, but the names aren't automatically overwritten if you'd like them to be custom names.