Yonomi and Alexa make for a powerful combination!

Getting Started

Here's how to get connected:
(Note that the following refers to the latest updated apps and may or may not be different for you)

  • Open your your Alexa app and then tap on the "Devices" tab on the bottom right
  • Then you will need to tap on "YOUR SMART HOME SKILLS" link and then "ENABLE SMART HOME SKILLS" button at the bottom.
  • You will now look/search for Yonomi and tap anywhere around the Yonomi icon, name or text to take you to the Yonomi Amazon Alexa page.
  • Then tap on the "ENABLE TO USE" button which will take you to a web page.
  • Next, provide your Yonomi credentials to complete the login process and tap on the " Connect with Yonomi" button to link your Yonomi Account with Amazon.
  • Once you've done that and have gone back to the Amazon Alexa app you will be able to choose to find devices at that time or to do it at a later time.
  • Your Yonomi Routines will be discovered as Scenes under the Alexa app which you can view from the "Devices" tab and then tapping on the "Scenes" tab.
  • You can run discovery again for Yonomi Routines by tapping on "Discover Scenes" button at the bottom of the "Scenes" page.


Congratulations! You have now linked Yonomi to Alexa and should now be able to see your Yonomi Routines under the Alexa app Scenes.

We treat Alexa as another client for Yonomi, so there are no Triggers or Actions to add to your Yonomi Routines.
You can now run your Yonomi Routines by saying "Alexa, Turn on {Routine Name}".

Any time you create a new Routine in Yonomi, or rename an existing one, make sure to re-run discovery on your Alexa device ("Alexa, find my devices") to sync your latest Yonomi Routines with Alexa.
This is not always necessary and should be automatically handled when you make changes to your Yonomi Routines inside the Yonomi app, but is available in case you don't see a Yonomi Routine that you have created.

If you are not successful we encourage you to take a look at some of the other support articles for Amazon Alexa and if you are still having issues please reach out to our support.


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