I'm on Android and can't get through Setup or add Sonos devices

NOTE: This issue should be resolved as of Android version 1.4.3.  If you are on an earlier version of the Android app we encourage you to update to the latest version.


We're aware of a bug in the current Android app (1.4.2) that may cause you to become stuck at the Device Review page ("We found XX devices..") during initial setup of the app.

This may occur if you have one or more Sonos speakers that are discovered.

To get past this screen, please click the "X" next to each Sonos device to remove them temporarily -- there's an easy way to re-discover them once you complete setup.  Then, click Continue again to move on to the Home Setup screen.

Once you are in to the main section of the app, make sure you're connected to your home wifi network, then open the Nav Drawer and click on "Find New Devices".  This will re-run discovery and should automatically find your Sonos speakers again.

The same bug may cause you to not be able to click the "Next" arrow in the Add Devices page when you do run discovery.  Instead, follow these steps to get your Sonos devices connected and all data, including Favorites populated.

  1. Make sure you're connected to your home wifi network (or the same network as your Sonos devices)
  2. Open the Nav Drawer and click "Find New Devices" to re-run discovery
  3. Once your Sonos speakers are found, click the "X" button in the top-left corner.  You should receive an alert telling you that Discovery is incomplete -- click "CANCEL" to leave the Add Devices screen -- your Sonos speakers will still be added.
  4. Perform a pull-to-refresh action on your Things tab, and your Sonos speakers should show up
  5. Click on each Sonos speaker and click "Connect' on each.  This process may appear to fail, but it is working on our backend.
  6. Perform a second pull-to-refresh action on your Things tab, and if you click on your Sonos devices again you should see that they are connected.
  7. To get Sonos Favorites to populate, open the Nav Drawer and click on "Find New Devices" one more time.  This will query your now connected Sonos devices for their Favorites and update them.
  8. Perform a third and final pull-to-refresh action on your Things tab, and then check your Sonos devices -- your Favorites should now be available.

We're sorry for this inconvience of this bug! We hope to have a fix out soon that addresses it.

In the meantime, please try the above steps and let us know if you run in to any issues.